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Hernández-Leo, D. & Moreno Oliver, V. (2014). Fine-tuning formative and summative assessment in Bachelors' Final Projects. In XVI International Symposium on Computers in Education (SIIE 2014), from November 12th to 14th, Logroño.

This paper presents the improvements done by USQUID-ESUP on Teacher's guide to monitoring and assessment for BFP at ESUP.

You can check the document here


Moreno Oliver, V. & Hernández-Leo, D. (2014) Using academic videos: how do the students perceive them? The experience on "Introduction to the ICTs". In VIII CIDUI. Flexible training models: a response to the current needs, from July 2th to 4th, Tarragona.

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This paper presents the adaptation of the ESUP Bachelor's degrees' subjects to the new assessment framework at UPF. We recall that the objective of this framework is to achieve an improved assessment system. The framework presents a set of guides which are contextualized by every School or Faculty based on their idiosyncratic.

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